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We have more than 60 years experience from waterproofing flat roofs. Our roof fitters are skilled professionals that with a sharp eye and extensive know-how solves the problems for our customers.


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Tailored solutions

Is the roof of your property in need of renovation? We at Hagmans Tak are skilled professionals with extensive experience in solving roof problems. We inspect your roof, propose an action plan based on the outcome and make sure to find the right solution suitable for your roof!

About Hagmans Tak

Our expertise lies in the genuine craftsmanship, in the sense of material selection and in the personal interaction with our customers.

The life expectancy of a roof varies between 5 to 60 years. A longer lifespan is dependent on the type of roof construction and last but not least on preventive maintenance. Hagmans Tak has over 50 years of experience from waterproofing flat roofs.

Nationwide establishment

Hagmans Tak Group is established all over Sweden and consists of eight local offices. Our services includes roofing on flat felt roof, waterproofing of concrete floor structure such as courtyards and parking decks, and water blasting and painting of metal sheet roofs.

Contact your nearest Hagmans Tak office for personal and skilled service. Please note that local deviations may occur. Contact your local office if interested!

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